NH8 or Delhi-Gurgaon highway for non-dilliwallahs can be a nightmare for daily commuters most of the times, but sometimes, it is a pleasure to drive down on it. Leaving office post 8pm today, the highway was almost a zip through for a change.With Delhi airport sprawling through a large portion of the highway, and the resultant absence of high-rises on both sides of the road; I have catched quite a few beautiful sunsets on this stretch. It’s a beautiful sight, where the runway is almost touching the highway, and an airplane landing on it against the backdrop of setting sun in the evenings. Inspite of so many air travels, it is still a fascination to see the planes landing and taking-off.

At a point on this stretch, where the highway curves, the feeling is almost like cruising through the Marine Drive, with the whole expanse of lighted airport on one side and other surrounding areas and the halogen street lamps framing the other side of the road. I can sense some smirks from Mumbaiwallahs on my timeline 😉 …

And at the end of a tiring Thursday, the respite in the day was a meeting away from office over a decently brewed cup of Darjeeling Tea, a time-out from the mundane office environment. 

Thankful for a tolerable day,


July 31, 2014

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