Sundays are laid back, with an agenda of reading newspapers, finishing house chores and relaxing with a good film or a book. And Monday blues usually sets in as the day progresses.

Rarely, there is an announcement of a music concert for a Sunday morning and even rarer for me to be able to catch the same.

So 2 weeks back on a lovely Sunday morning, I set out to listen to Ustad Shujaat Khan, with an equally ardent music lover who actually introduced me to Shujaat Khan couple of years back.

Morning ragas started with Gurjari Todi followed by a short interlude of Bhairavi. An effortless playing, fingers literally flying over strings of sitar creating a melody that resonated in the atmosphere. 90 mins ended with a thumri, and as Shujaat Khan sang the verses it felt the morning ended too soon.

Sitting in an open air venue on a deliciously warm early winters morning, listening  to chirping of birds along with strains of sitar was a luxury that was well worth the effort. And I am looking forward to a dhrupad recital next month – same place, same time.

P.S. The event expert in me could not help observing the strewn nails around the stage or the tacky white chadar covering the stage.

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