You can either love her or hate her, but you cannot ignore her – so true for the only woman Indian Prime Minister, Indira Gandhi.

The new biography on her, written by Sagarika Ghose was released today – I had first read about the book sometime last year and have been wanting to read when it comes out.

It was an entertaining discussion with the author,  moderated by Karan Thapar – being his usual witty self, and Arun Shourie and P Chidambaram as panelists.

Unlike other book launches this one was well-attended by media personalities from all walks of life, the writer-journalist couple graciously greeting the guests at the door, author resplendent in her signature Raw Mango sari!

The idea of Indira, her greatest moment – when MF Hussain immortalised her as Durga and her not so great moment for which she has been called a dictator, her struggles in life as a woman and also as the “only man in the cabinet” as was famously referred to at that time, the book Indira published by Juggernaut Books promises to be an interesting read.
And the book beckons now …

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