In last one week Twitter has lauded two major judgements by Supreme Court of India and one by High Court and thereby redeeming judicial independence from polity. In the 70th year of Independence, the abolition of Triple-Talaq, reaffirming Right to Privacy of individuals – while are good decisions, one does wonder why it took so long for good sense to prevail.

So the question now is what is the way forward? How do we ensure that this judgment on Right to Privacy now leads the way for personal freedom of living the life the way an individual wants – without interference from the State? So all the embargoes on food that we can eat or drink, books that we can read, wear what we want, marry whom we want to, follow and practice the faith we feel like should be lifted, including the Section 377 by guaranteeing Equality to a small but not insignificant LGBT community.

And after this, there is a great need for providing for good health and education systems in the country. Providing for jobs in the market with basic minimum income for all strata of the society, thereby strengthening the basic tenets of the Constitution.

Promoting secure societies that further help the way of living for women, creating systems of governance that prohibits personal gain in any material way can move India towards the historically heard but never experienced Ram Rajya.

For Indian constitution these are small steps towards the dream of India our forefathers fought for, but for large majority of Indians it’s a giant leap forward.

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