I have been wanting to read Jawahar Lal Nehru’s Discovery of India for some time now, the reasons are many including the need to remind myself of India’s history which is hazy in my mind now. I have also been wanting to read on India – its culture and traditions, people, it’s impact on the world and vice-versa – so this year is going to be about books on India – by Indians or otherwise. I may also read lighter fiction or non-fiction by Indian authors to kept the company. It is an attempt to know more about the country I am born in and live in – it’s also about my identity as an Indian.

Parallely, I have started watching Shyam Benegal’s adaptation of the book made for Doordarshan about three decades ago. My recollection of the series is superb acting by stalwart actors, good music and a definitive visual history of the country. Like many book-and-movie adaptations, I want to compare this adaptation to the true nature of the book as well as to the TV audience of that time.

In this journey, I will also attempt to keep a steady blog as I discover India. It could be about the books I read, movies or series I watch or a general attempt to understand what is happening around which impacts our lives.

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