I am what I am

On International Women’s Day, it is sad to see messages justifying the reason for being a woman.  Especially since in India Devi is worshipped in most corners of the country. As an Adi-Shakti, she epitomises the essence of Shakti herself, she represents consciousness, and she is the symbolism of Prakriti. She is Ardhnari without whom the male is void.

This is the country where girl child is worshipped as Kanjika, where various avatars of women are worshipped as conserver of forest, as the harbinger of wealth and knowledge, as the protector of natural calamities or epidemics, or as a benevolent mother who protects all.

And today, the role and existence of women is being questioned. Are women only to be used as tools of recreation and procreation? Is our only duty is to manage household, children and sometimes contribute to family fund?

It is disheartening to open the…

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