Shot on iPhone by Apple: Snowbrawl ad

Apple has been running an outdoor campaign Shot on iPhone in several countries showcasing still photos taken by users on billboards or hoardings specifically to the country. But video photography has not been leveraged much except for purely personal uses. Apple finally decided to break this barrier itself, rather than relying on user generated content.... Continue Reading →

Apple tells a story …

Yesterday I watched the Apple Event through my Samsung phone tele casting on the Sony TV - smart generation of technology with its seamless integration. We have come a long way since the 1st Apple Phone and the 1st Apple Live New Launch broadcast. Apple reiterated the point that engaging content and stories is essential... Continue Reading →

Asking Questions…

What's the Big Idea? - An often asked question by marketeers before any presentation. This and many such questions can lead to more creativity, however, asking the right questions to encourage creativity and innovative solutions is an art to be learnt and practised. Unfortunately many of us don't do the same, and often even asking... Continue Reading →

102 Not Out

I am no movie buff - but an Amitabh Bachchan movie is a different experience altogether. So the very next day after its release the Sodhi family, on a rare outing, went to watch 102 Not Out. The promos had looked promising, with an exuberant centurion Gujrati father and his relationship with his old, morose son.... Continue Reading →

A lesson in marketing

Long before the McDonalds and Pizza Hut came to India, Delhi had already witnessed a fast-food revolution through the famous south Indian chain - Sagar Ratna. And its owner, Jayaram Banan can still be seen everyday at his Defence Colony Branch. Though one sees him every day greeting his regular patrons by name, it was... Continue Reading →

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