We, the People of India

A couple of days ago India celebrated its Constitution Day - the day when Indian Constitution was adopted by constituent assemble paving the way for becoming a Republic and for holding the first general elections of the country. India having gained Independence quite late in the timeline of many other democratic countries could take advantage... Continue Reading →

Dear Judiciary – Thank You

In last one week Twitter has lauded two major judgements by Supreme Court of India and one by High Court and thereby redeeming judicial independence from polity. In the 70th year of Independence, the abolition of Triple-Talaq, reaffirming Right to Privacy of individuals - while are good decisions, one does wonder why it took so... Continue Reading →

Cashing onto Gold!

So the Finance Minister at a function last week commented that with the kind of population India has there are bound to be queues. And I have been patiently waiting for the chaos and queues to get shorter at the banks before venturing to deposit and exchange my savings in Rs 1000 and 500 notes. Each day... Continue Reading →

Freedom @ 70

It is that time of the year when every second car has a tricolour fluttering; social media sports either people dressed up in tricolour or changing their display pic to flag pnemonics. It is the time when websites, newspapers rehash the old pics, list of patriotic songs and obviously Nehru's speech of "tryst with destiny".... Continue Reading →

I am a Woman!

On International Women's Day, it is sad to see messages justifying the reason for being a woman.  Especially since in India Devi is worshipped in most corners of the country. As an Adi-Shakti, she epitomises the essence of Shakti herself, she represents consciousness, and she is the symbolism of Prakriti. She is Ardhnari without whom... Continue Reading →

I Wish…

Peace, happiness and joy ... Simple wishes for 2015! I wish for all... For a tolerant world. Let's be compassionate. For religious tolerance. Let religion be inclusive. For safety of women. Against physical violence or mental harassment. For cleaner environment. We owe it to us. For terror free society. Irrespective of caste, creed, religion or... Continue Reading →

To the Iron Will…

RIP Margaret Thatcher! For the generation of us born in 70s, the names of Margaret Thatcher along with Indira Gandhi and Sirimavo Bandaranaike was synonymous not only for the women politicians, but also for the women who made their mark as the first women Prime Ministers of their countries. In that era where the women... Continue Reading →

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