A sojourn on the Ganges

It was a quick short getaway for a much needed break to The Glasshouse on the Ganges - a Neemrana property. Nestled in couple of acres, it is situated right on the banks of gushing river Ganges. It is a comparatively modern property amongst the Neemrana stable and the huge glass windows bring in the... Continue Reading →

Workaholic Wednesday

Mid-week blues is the right way to describe the day.  Arguments, conference calls, discussions and presentation making concluded the day. Planning for next day started in the elevator while it stopped at various floors through its journey from 12th floor. I walked out of the office building to a beautiful sight of a setting sun.... Continue Reading →

Load shedding

Every year there is a New Year resolution, to loose weight and if not that, at least to control  and not gain. A resolution that gets beyond control somewhere during the year. This year I did not make any resolution, but as soon as the year started, my body it seems had other plans. Which... Continue Reading →

Nature’s Fury or Beauty

One day, while I was travelling back home from office, I was awed by the kaleidoscope of clouds on NH8. Dense clouds that seemed to land on the highway, sky in various hues of grey and white, the buildings on either side of the highway had an eerie colour of blue and grey. As we... Continue Reading →

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