Pooja Sodhi is a seasoned Brand Marketeer with over 16 years of experience. She is recognized for her ability to bring brand strategies to life, and she is known for her dedication to delivering high-quality work with a keen eye for detail.

One notable aspect of Pooja’s career is her 7-year tenure working with parents, children, celebrities, and business partners in managing a child talent platform called i-genius. This experience was unique as it combined her marketing expertise with the world of children’s talent development in the insurance industry, which is not a typical domain for such activities, and required creative and innovative approaches to marketing.

Pooja’s roots trace back to Banaras, and she currently resides in Delhi-NCR with her parents. Her background and upbringing may have influenced her career choices and interests.

Beyond her professional life, Pooja has a variety of interests. She is an avid reader, a budding art lover, and enjoys Indian classical music. Her passion for culture is evident, as she identifies herself as a culture enthusiast. These personal interests likely contribute to her creative and well-rounded approach to brand marketing.

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