Swan Lake – a ballet experience

A birthday-anniversary weekend in September last year also turned out to be a musical weekend - an evening of classical music and another of classical ballet. The Royal Russian Ballet had flown in with their swans for a treat for Delhi audience. For me, this was a maiden experience of watching a ballet live -... Continue Reading →

To GaanaSaraswatee 

The obituaries and eulogies on social media for Kishori Amonkar is what I woke to this morning. And I remembered a recent debate as the year 2017 began with few people on Facebook. A recent  convert to Hindustani Classical Music, I could not enjoy listening to her in the last decade, which baffled most of... Continue Reading →

Morning Ragas

Sundays are laid back, with an agenda of reading newspapers, finishing house chores and relaxing with a good film or a book. And Monday blues usually sets in as the day progresses. Rarely, there is an announcement of a music concert for a Sunday morning and even rarer for me to be able to catch... Continue Reading →

Celebrating Eid… My way!

As I promised myself yesterday, I am back! And keeping another promise to self, had a lazy day ... Well almost, apart from couple of calls, few emails and some whatsapp messages with other people who were sadly working!I had music on my mind, and as I rummaged in the shelf found a 1960 Akashvani recording... Continue Reading →

Music for the Soul

Sunday morning... It is not easy to get up early, get ready and go out at 9 am in the morning. I made the effort today! After a cloudy, chilly and windy day yesterday, I was praying for a sunny Sunday. And it turned out to be a sunny, slightly windy but beautiful Spring morning.... Continue Reading →

Dil maange more!

Another classical musical evening, a slice of Banaras, and memories of time gone by. Listening to three generations of violin player playing together, N Rajam with her daughter and grand-daughter, transported me to my childhood days, when she shared the boundary wall with my masi, and we could hear the strains of violin almost throughout... Continue Reading →

Facing the music …

It was an eventful day today, first half being at an event which was semi-organised by me and later half of the day at another event as an audience. As i began my day at 4 am, having driven from Delhi to Gurgaon while it was still dark, reaching the venue almost when the dawn... Continue Reading →

Enjoying Fusion

I am a purist, a traditionalist – in lot of ways. And, especially when it comes to music. I am drawn towards Indian Classical Music though Bollywood music gets its due share. The beginning of the New Year, I got a promotional email sent by one of the sites I subscribe to for a fusion... Continue Reading →

The Sound of Music

Yesterday night as I was surfing through the TV channels, the remote stopped at a music channel that was showing old Hindi film songs. And I was transported to the past – bringing alive myriad memories which had somehow gotten lost in the present stressful life. Some songs transported me to peaceful long summer holidays,... Continue Reading →

Manganiyar Folk Seduction

An audio and visual seduction – by Manganiyars – a hitherto unknown group of musicians from Rajasthan - the show aptly named Manganiyar Seduction. And the setting perfect – against the backdrop of Purana Qila – just the beginning of winter season, slight chill as you walked inside the gates for an open air performance.... Continue Reading →

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