Facing the music …

It was an eventful day today, first half being at an event which was semi-organised by me and later half of the day at another event as an audience. As i began my day at 4 am, having driven from Delhi to Gurgaon while it was still dark, reaching the venue almost when the dawn was breaking, i remembered an old poem “utho lalji, bhor bhayi hai. Chidiya chunmun bol rahi hai …”. Though when the birds started chirping, i was already inside the auditorium to start the day, missing the music of the birds and facing the music inside!

I have always enjoyed organising events, can safely say it is my forte, so it was natural that it would have been somewhat eventful, each event with its own crisis and challenges, fire-fighting and then the ultimate satisfaction of things gone right.

However, it was the past four hours that truly transformed the day through pure music. Music that touches your heart, soul, body and mind. Music that makes you smile with joy and sometimes move you to tears. The first day of Delhi classical music festival – music that is true to its being. I don’t know music never learnt it nor understand its techniques or tunes. However, I still love and enjoy music. It was time to switch off the mobile (not literally but figuratively) and let the music flow …

It truly was such a day today, from Dhrupad to Santoor. From the sheer rhythm of vocals to the sounds from valley of Kashmir. From the vocal sounds that sounded like multiple musical instruments to the soulful yet playful string sounds. Music that took away the tiredness within, rejuvenated mind and brought a smile to the face.

It has been 20 hours since I woke up to face the day and I wish the day was not yet over, I can still hear the music in my ears and in my heart. Truly the sound of music transcends all that surrounds us!

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