Load shedding

Every year there is a New Year resolution, to loose weight and if not that, at least to control  and not gain. A resolution that gets beyond control somewhere during the year.

This year I did not make any resolution, but as soon as the year started, my body it seems had other plans. Which came to surface by February, giving me scare!  And while the doctors tried to figure out, and tried to ease my pain, I made a promise to myself.

And as soon as the pain was under control and I could start walking normally, I started my evening walks. 20 minutes of walking – the world and the people can wait. It has not been easy, with my love for paranthas and anything fried, control to not eat what you see – but it has not been difficult either.

And when my medicines started finally in April, it was with another set of instructions from the doctor. Less fat, less sweets, less carbs and compulsory walking. Now I had no respite, with or without my own resolution.

I have rediscovered nature as well as music, seen the winter give way to scorching summers and advent of monsoons. I have walked in 45 degrees though the temptation to stay in AC after a hard day of work was too high, and so was the temptation to go walking when the weather was great.

It was easy to control sweets, me being not too fond of it! And equally easy to remove alo and rice from the menu. What was difficult was to control my fondness for certain food items, and there were certain times when I gave into my cravings.

And after 4 months and half a dozen kilos off, I remain motivated with a target of couple more. And as my clothes start to get loose, and I get to fit in some old clothes, and while my shadow seems to be getting slimmer, I wonder what to do with my overstuffed wardrobe of Fabindia which once fitted me perfectly, and now not so 🙁

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