Walk in the rain

The first rains of the season released the smell of the earth – mitti ki mehak, no other language can evoke the same sentiments. And the smell of neem flowers and eucalyptus leaves pervade the atmosphere. The mild thunderstorm which preludes the drizzle settles down. So, I decided to go for a walk in the park behind my house.

For the last 1 week, medical reasons have forced me to push myself for daily walks, which I have been diligently doing after coming from office in the evening. By that time, the rush of the children and the accompanying ayahs and drivers almost finished, some older children still practice their basketball, older generation has also finished their mandatory few rounds of walk, and are generally settled in the benches around the park. So, it’s only few serious walkers who I encounter by 7.30pm.

Today was a different story, the unexpected gush of winds and a drizzle made everyone rush back home. And, the almost deserted park gave me ample opportunity to observe while I walked.

The green haven, flowers in lovely hues are well maintained by the residents of the colony. The massive banyan (bargad) tree on one edge of the boundary still tries to find more space, with its roots hanging from the air clambering to reach the grounds and annexe more ground for itself. The first blossoms of bela flower of the season compete with the last flowers of verbena and red Indian lilies. Another one of my favorite flowers, frangipani flowers at various places in the garden – not as shrubs, but grown trees. And at other place on the track, the malti and chameli spreads it’s smell while it’s climbs it’s way around the basketball court.

Since it was still not dark when I went for walk today, once my mind and eyes had their fill of greens and colours, I started observing the houses around. With the huge boundary walls, one could see only a little except the higher floors, and only if the windows were open. So, naturally, the eyes wandered upwards only to see the monstrosities on the roof of the modern world. The huge black tankers and the power generating machines ruined the scenery! At least some houses sported the solar panels and made use of the summer heat! And in the meantime lost the opportunity of sitting on the rooftop and enjoying the lovely weather. I came back mentally refreshed from the walk and hoping that this lovely weather continues for some days to come while I enjoy my daily walks.

Still reeling from the pleasures of an unexpected rain,


April 22, 2012

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