To A Perfect Life…

Small, simple things in life around can give pleasure, make the day little easy, only if you can spot and feel them around you. While I occasionally do practice this thought, this note today is thanks to a friend, who has challenged all for a 5 day challenge, 3 things a day. However, am making my own rules, will try to do one thing a day, for as long as I can. Simply put, I am sure there is atleast one good thing that I can be thankful for during the day!

So the manic Monday was not so, for a simple reason that Tuesday is a holiday; especially because for the last fortnight, I was thinking that Eid is not a holiday. May be the mind was not thinking of an almost mid-week off due to the deadlines that need to be met, racing against time.

Coming back home from work, while it drizzled and caused jams like always, I looked forward to a Mid-week off, having no plans for Eid, just relaxing at home. Sitting in front of the idiot box with the dinner, watching my favourite movie of all times, remembering the good, old childhood carefree days is the perfect way to end the day.

In small proportions we just beauties see;
And in short measures life may perfect be.

So here I am remembering My Favourite Things, listening to The Sound of Music and believing in myself that I Have Confidence in Me – exactly like 13 years ago, when I started my career on Eid day in Mumbai!
Eid Mubarak.


July 28, 2014

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