Khele mashane mein Holi

Holi across the world is largely associated with Krishna, and people flock to Brijbhoomi to witness the festivities. Even the songs or paintings that celebrate this colourful festival centers around this playful God. But in the city of Shiva - Banaras (Kashi or Varanasi), Rangbhari Ekadashi marks the beginning of the festival six days before... Continue Reading →

A sojourn on the Ganges

It was a quick short getaway for a much needed break to The Glasshouse on the Ganges - a Neemrana property. Nestled in couple of acres, it is situated right on the banks of gushing river Ganges. It is a comparatively modern property amongst the Neemrana stable and the huge glass windows bring in the... Continue Reading →

Ganga – a new perspective 

It was an exhibition on Ganga - the living river at National Museum. Titled Ganga : River of Life & Eternity; this was not just paintings and sculptures on Ganga but a story-telling arty narrative. While I have been familiar with lot of myths and stories around Ganga, it was the coming together of different... Continue Reading →

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