The Tirangi Barfi of Banaras

The fight for Indian Independence was fought at many levels - from the boycott of foreign made clothes, to making salt and by making statement through food. And Banaras (Varanasi) led the way by creating special mithai (sweets) during the Independence movement and the most famous of that is the Tirangi Barfi of Banaras. The... Continue Reading →

26 January

With a 50 km commute from home to office (give or take 2-3 kms depending on the route), it's a usual practice for me to check Google maps to decide the route. This morning, as usual I checked the map and it showed massive jam on DND towards Delhi and the alternative route via Mayur... Continue Reading →

Lost childhood

This monsoon season, while we have been spending more time on roads and traffic signals, it is unavoidable to observe life streaming about you. One sees people on motorcycles and bicycles going about on their work while trying to keep themselves dry, people in petrol-diesel guzzlers oblivious to rains while listening to loud electro-techno music... Continue Reading →

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