A lesson in marketing

Long before the McDonalds and Pizza Hut came to India, Delhi had already witnessed a fast-food revolution through the famous south Indian chain – Sagar Ratna. And its owner, Jayaram Banan can still be seen everyday at his Defence Colony Branch.

Though one sees him every day greeting his regular patrons by name, it was a pleasant surprise yesterday to see him at the entrance at the peak hour, dinner time Sunday evening. While his armed security guards stayed a little away so as not to intimidate customers, Mr Banan was his humble self – guiding and manning the large crowd.

Was this his way of getting back to the basics of customer marketing, or getting to the grass roots from where he started? Since all who throng the outlet would not have recognised its owner, for people like me who do it was a humbling experience, a lesson … of whatever the work you do, how you do it and perceive it shows your dignity!

A Learner,


June 21, 2010

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