Apple tells a story …

Yesterday I watched the Apple Event through my Samsung phone tele casting on the Sony TV – smart generation of technology with its seamless integration. We have come a long way since the 1st Apple Phone and the 1st Apple Live New Launch broadcast.

Apple reiterated the point that engaging content and stories is essential part of any business today. It also helps create that extra differentiation that is needed to create the focus or momentum in the life cycle of the product. Customers will connect with the brand and even pay for the service if that is relevant to them.

The Apple Event was all about extending to the services genre through their new launches harnessing the power of digital technology via its hardware and software. Yes, their devices are way too expensive but people would still pay to be in that ecosystem and subscribe to the services. In the era of multiple apps with their individual login credentials (and the drain on the battery power), a common simple integration within the same ecosystem would motivate many consumers to migrate to the new services.

Apple TV+, Apple News+ and Apple Card is for people who consume news and shows digitally both on their mobile and TV. Connection to smart TVs is an additional benefit for the consumer. These extensions to books, music, TV, news, games and payments coming together in a complete ecosystem would make the brand irresistible to the customer and making it difficult for other brands to break through.

Even I am willing to exchange my Samsung phone to iPhone to have access to these services. Provided they are launched in India and at competitive price point. But the narrative with its strong cast which includes Steven Spielberg, Oprah Winfrey seduces and is too powerful for consumers to remain immune to it.

P.S. A sneak peek into Apple New launch of Apple TV+

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