We, the People of India

A couple of days ago India celebrated its Constitution Day - the day when Indian Constitution was adopted by constituent assemble paving the way for becoming a Republic and for holding the first general elections of the country. India having gained Independence quite late in the timeline of many other democratic countries could take advantage... Continue Reading →

Story of India

I have read all of Amish Tripathi's books and have heard him speak couple of times. So when he announced the release of his new non-fiction book Immortal India, I was very excited as I am fascinated by Indology. But I have figured that I am a tsunduko, my to-be-read list is always longer than... Continue Reading →

Dear Judiciary – Thank You

In last one week Twitter has lauded two major judgements by Supreme Court of India and one by High Court and thereby redeeming judicial independence from polity. In the 70th year of Independence, the abolition of Triple-Talaq, reaffirming Right to Privacy of individuals - while are good decisions, one does wonder why it took so... Continue Reading →

The cacophony of Indian bazaars

Before the air-conditioned malls there were markets, and before these sanitised ubiquitous Galleria/ Defence Colony/ Khan Markets of Indian cities there were traditional Indian bazaars. Some of these bazaars were static in a smaller locality like Vishwanath Gali in Varanasi or Indira Market of Noida and some were moving bazaars called haats which travelled to... Continue Reading →

Ganga – a new perspective 

It was an exhibition on Ganga - the living river at National Museum. Titled Ganga : River of Life & Eternity; this was not just paintings and sculptures on Ganga but a story-telling arty narrative. While I have been familiar with lot of myths and stories around Ganga, it was the coming together of different... Continue Reading →

Celebrating the Goddess Within

Today and yesterday, in almost all Hindu households girl child is worshipped as Kanjak. An even bigger irony is that these very households curb the independent thinking, behaviour and movement of these girls as they grow into women. As a daughter, sister,  wife and then mother the society shackles them in the disguise of tradition... Continue Reading →

Residences of Lutyens Delhi

For the last six months, my daily commute has been from Noida to Gurgaon and back for work. In the initial month, I tried all various route options to reduce time or atleast keep moving instead of being stranded on traffic-jammed road. I finally decided on a route that goes via Lutyens Delhi for a... Continue Reading →

26 January

With a 50 km commute from home to office (give or take 2-3 kms depending on the route), it's a usual practice for me to check Google maps to decide the route. This morning, as usual I checked the map and it showed massive jam on DND towards Delhi and the alternative route via Mayur... Continue Reading →

Lesson on what not to do

Airlines industry needs a regulator. Period. A regulator beyond air safety and training guidelines. A regulator which protects the rights of customers. While over the years, I have experienced inefficiencies by most of the airlines on not-so-vip sectors, I feel that the taken-for-granted attitude of airlines is increasing day by day. One such instance -... Continue Reading →

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