The cacophony of Indian bazaars

Before the air-conditioned malls there were markets, and before these sanitised ubiquitous Galleria/ Defence Colony/ Khan Markets of Indian cities there were traditional Indian bazaars. Some of these bazaars were static in a smaller locality like Vishwanath Gali in Varanasi or Indira Market of Noida and some were moving bazaars called haats which travelled to... Continue Reading →

Ganga – a new perspective 

It was an exhibition on Ganga - the living river at National Museum. Titled Ganga : River of Life & Eternity; this was not just paintings and sculptures on Ganga but a story-telling arty narrative. While I have been familiar with lot of myths and stories around Ganga, it was the coming together of different... Continue Reading →

Celebrating the Goddess Within

Today and yesterday, in almost all Hindu households girl child is worshipped as Kanjak. An even bigger irony is that these very households curb the independent thinking, behaviour and movement of these girls as they grow into women. As a daughter, sister,  wife and then mother the society shackles them in the disguise of tradition... Continue Reading →

Residences of Lutyens Delhi

For the last six months, my daily commute has been from Noida to Gurgaon and back for work. In the initial month, I tried all various route options to reduce time or atleast keep moving instead of being stranded on traffic-jammed road. I finally decided on a route that goes via Lutyens Delhi for a... Continue Reading →

Customer Service – Lesson on what not to do

Airlines industry needs a regulator. Period. A regulator beyond air safety and training guidelines. A regulator which protects the rights of customers. While over the years, I have experienced inefficiencies by most of the airlines on not-so-vip sectors, I feel that the taken-for-granted attitude of airlines is increasing day by day. And the lessons in... Continue Reading →

Cashing onto Gold!

So the Finance Minister at a function last week commented that with the kind of population India has there are bound to be queues. And I have been patiently waiting for the chaos and queues to get shorter at the banks before venturing to deposit and exchange my savings in Rs 1000 and 500 notes. Each day... Continue Reading →


One or the other channels on television always show the Richard Attenborough's iconic film Gandhi on 2nd October. Every time I watch the film, I discover a new nuance - sometimes a quote, other times cinematography in the scene of a film or a new story. There is a scene at the railway station at... Continue Reading →

Freedom @ 70

It is that time of the year when every second car has a tricolour fluttering; social media sports either people dressed up in tricolour or changing their display pic to flag pnemonics. It is the time when websites, newspapers rehash the old pics, list of patriotic songs and obviously Nehru's speech of "tryst with destiny".... Continue Reading →

Lost childhood

This monsoon season, while we have been spending more time on roads and traffic signals, it is unavoidable to observe life streaming about you. One sees people on motorcycles and bicycles going about on their work while trying to keep themselves dry, people in petrol-diesel guzzlers oblivious to rains while listening to loud electro-techno music... Continue Reading →

I am a Woman!

On International Women's Day, it is sad to see messages justifying the reason for being a woman.  Especially since in India Devi is worshipped in most corners of the country. As an Adi-Shakti, she epitomises the essence of Shakti herself, she represents consciousness, and she is the symbolism of Prakriti. She is Ardhnari without whom... Continue Reading →

NH8 woes or wonders?

NH8 or Delhi-Gurgaon highway for non-dilliwallahs can be a nightmare for daily commuters most of the times, but sometimes, it is a pleasure to drive down on it. Leaving office post 8pm today, the highway was almost a zip through for a change.With Delhi airport sprawling through a large portion of the highway, and the... Continue Reading →

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