Nature’s Fury or Beauty

One day, while I was travelling back home from office, I was awed by the kaleidoscope of clouds on NH8. Dense clouds that seemed to land on the highway, sky in various hues of grey and white, the buildings on either side of the highway had an eerie colour of blue and grey. As we travelled further towards Delhi, the panorama continued with lightening striking out of the dense clouds.

As we entered Delhi, this panorama turned into a nightmare, with bumper-to-bumper traffic, choked drains, hassled traffic police with no signals working and to top it all, uprooted trees blocking the traffic. And the magic of monsoon disappeared even before it could really begin.
The tension of commuters reflected in the nature’s temper as it continued to rain heavily while clouds thundered and lightening continued to strike. And we remained the mute spectators.

So was it nature’s way of reminding us that while we race against time continuously, we need to take out time to stop and appreciate the colours of nature, its dynamism and beauty.

In belief that Nature’s fury is also its beauty,
July, 2010

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