Lost and Found

Front page news headline few days back in all leading newspapers – Lost and found: Rahul Gandhi’s mobile phone. Amidst all the news on honour killings, Maoists attacks, deaths in Kashmir, drought and flood in various parts of the country – this story found its way on the front page. And only because the owner of the phone is a Gandhi!

Having lost a phone and with it all data and memories of 4 years in it, I feel nothing but compassion. However, I did not have the luxury of getting my phone back. And as various reports show, there are hundreds of phones that get lost every year, and few get lucky to get them back. Inspite of the fact that all telecom companies and the mobile companies say that having an IMEI number helps getting the phone back.

Will the security machinery move all roadblocks to search for a common man’s phone? Does CCTV cameras work at all places where they are installed? Will the recordings ever be checked to trace the culprit? The answer is NO. And that’s why we are scared of filing a FIR; do not have the patience of making multiple visits to the courts or police station – as the results are not encouraging enough. Nothing against the person per se – but when I loose the mobile phone, my story does not end like a fairy tale, it does not get printed even on Page 11 of a newspaper as a headline news: Lost and Found!

A person who has lost her phone,
July 1, 2010

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