Musings after a hospital stay…

Exactly a week and a day ago, I wrote at the dead of night from a hospital bed – musings from a hospital room. In these last 8 days, I have gone through a gamut of emotions, feelings, and experiences – and I am back on the other side with musings after a hospital stay.

From fear, trepidation as I was woken up at early morning to start the process of being operated on, being taken to the operating room and closing my eyes, to the first time I opened my eyes in the recovery room and realised I was awake and alive but in terrible pain though thankful that the ordeal was over but the painful and, perhaps, the long recovery period had started.

In this journey, I have few people to thank. My not-so-little sister, who spent those 4 days and nights continuously by my side – when every movement was painful, tolerated my crankiness, fetched my stuff, and at times pampered and indulged me as well. My parents, who were my strength and support throughout the whole ordeal of the last few months and still continue to do so, as I slowly walk on the path of recovery. A family-friend (my father’s colleague infact) with whom I share a common love of books, visit art exhibitions together who arranged her calendar to spend 2 days by my bedside and helped me to maintain my mental calm and sharing medical perspective to all my questions – sometimes I wish we lived closer. Another family friend and also a doctor who made his way to the recovery room and escorted me back to the land of living.

My gratitude to most of the staff at Apollo Hospital – doctors, nurses, housekeeping, and all other sundry departments that keep the wheel moving for the patients. To some nurses, my special thanks – you are an important cog in the wheel of recovery of a patient. Overall, I think the experience wasn’t bad, but detailed feedback awaits its writing to the hospital.

And last but not the least, to my doctor – Geeta Chadha. From the first time I met her more than 3 months back, her experience and confidence in her abilities have given me confidence. By the time I met her, I had researched everything in Google, even if I did not understand it completely. In all my visits, she patiently answered all my questions and understood my hyper and control- freak personality. So much so that she was the last person I saw as I went under the effects of anaesthesia and the first person to see as I came out of that realm and bombarded her with more questions. Her calmness helped me to remain somewhat calm. I can not thank her enough, and not just for her healing touch.

Thank you, Doctor!

As I convalescence on my bed in my room, after a week since the surgery, it sometimes feels surreal. But then the touch and the pain bring me back to reality. A visit back to the hospital today made me remember that I promised to see you all on the other side – musings after a hospital stay.

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