Shot on iPhone by Apple: Snowbrawl ad

Apple has been running an outdoor campaign Shot on iPhone in several countries showcasing still photos taken by users on billboards or hoardings specifically to the country. But video photography has not been leveraged much except for purely personal uses.

Apple finally decided to break this barrier itself, rather than relying on user generated content. The latest advertisement (commercial) “Snowbrawl” for iPhone 11 Pro has been shot on the phone itself by director David Leitch of Fast and Furious fame. A full-on action packed advert featuring snowball fight between kids looks stunning and makes it hard to believe that it has been exclusively shot on phone – err iPhone.

The ad aims to showcase the triple camera benefit of iPhone 11 Pro with it’s outstanding results to consumers. In this age of living life on social media through visual medium, the tech specs aside what the consumer wants and sees is the brilliant video and still photography and through this advertisement Apple more than delivers on the promise.

Apple also released another video for the look behind action hoping other filmmakers would take note as well delivering professional quality video shot on iPhone.

Has Apple managed to create another niche and another notch under it’s belt with this new commercial for it’s products and user experience?

Disclaimer: I do not own or shoot with iPhone! Yet I have almost 7000 photos taken with mobile camera over last decade or so and haven’t felt the need for a proper camera except a few times. Time to change perhaps …

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