In the last few months I have had to say Goodbye to two homes I have ever lived in my life time. One was a home I was brought to after I was born, my parents got that official accommodation from Banaras Hindu University just a few months before I was born. That's the garden... Continue Reading →

Lost childhood

This monsoon season, while we have been spending more time on roads and traffic signals, it is unavoidable to observe life streaming about you. One sees people on motorcycles and bicycles going about on their work while trying to keep themselves dry, people in petrol-diesel guzzlers oblivious to rains while listening to loud electro-techno music... Continue Reading →

Sounds of Summer

Sitting in the last vestiges ofmy childhood winter gardenSound of coo-woo reverberates around. The cry of koelReminds not only of SummersBut also of examination seasonOf School and then College. Of anxiety and trepidationSometimes panic,That mind may go blank. Was it fear of failureOr of moving up one stepon the ladder of Life?That unexplainable feeling...When I... Continue Reading →

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