In the last few months I have had to say Goodbye to two homes I have ever lived in my life time.

One was a home I was brought to after I was born, my parents got that official accommodation from Banaras Hindu University just a few months before I was born. That’s the garden of the home where I learnt walking, learnt to climb stairs, saw the world go by from the window upstairs. That’s the home where we celebrated successes of family or shared grief over loss of dear ones or a bad news. That’s the home that saw me step out for the very 1st job and that’s the home I said Goodbye this last weekend for forever.

In between a short life and a rented accommodation in Mumbai happened which could never become a home.

 And then moving to Delhi albeit in another rented accommodation where I spent a dozen odd years – it was also meant to be a short stay which lingered on and on. A place that saw me grow professionally with a few troughs in between. It was a place where I learnt about me, realise my real worth, helped me develop and define my interests and in turn, made me what I am. A place that slowly became a second home away from home.

Saying goodbye is never easy, and ultimately the chaos of winding up and closing the houses ensured that there was no time to get sentimental. The buzz of activity overshadowed the process of feeling the emotions.

And it is time to make another house a new home. Make new memories while carrying the old ones with me in my heart as they continue to define me!

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