To GaanaSaraswatee 

The obituaries and eulogies on social media for Kishori Amonkar is what I woke to this morning. And I remembered a recent debate as the year 2017 began with few people on Facebook.

A recent  convert to Hindustani Classical Music, I could not enjoy listening to her in the last decade, which baffled most of the classical music experts and lovers. It has been only in last few months that I have finally been able to break that barrier to listen and enjoy her music.

Just weeks before that debate I had read an article on her, listened to her more and wondered why it took me so long to appreciate her singing – few people can make the music feel divine.

In this long debate, I was advised to attend whenever she was performing in Delhi next time, and I managed to do so last week at what probably was Kishori Amonkar’s last public concert.

To my still novice ears, her voice sounded frail and she wasn’t able to sing continuously.  Her voice was melodic and magical in those small moments when she could sing.

I left the concert immediately after the break and probably missed brilliant part of the evening I came to know later, but I am glad I still went and listened to her live albeit too late.

Here’s a link to a film on Kishori Amonkar while I go back to listen to her immortal voice digitally.

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