To year 2016

As the sun sets on the last day of the year, and the newspapers and TV shows remind us of the events around the year, I cannot help reminiscing about the year as the calendar changes.

For a large part, the year 2016 was no different from other years gone by. There were natural and man-made disasters; terror attacks in India and other countries; atrocities against women continued to make headlines throughout the year.

The year again marked to be the hottest year in the history of mankind as average temperatures continue to spiral upwards. Environmentalists did not stop reminding us against depletion of natural resources as well as increase in natural disasters facing mankind.

Politicians and political parties remained in news for reasons as common as corruption, dynastic politics, arrogance or sheer ignorance about things around them or sometimes for just their inefficiencies.

However, history will probably remember 2016 for largely 3 things: Brexit, Trump-nama and demonitization of currency in India.

As the year ends, the common man is still positive for acche-din to come. As the world parties to celebrate the advent of 2017 dancing to the tunes of popular songs, there is still hope in the hearts.

And as I write this from the comfort of sitting in razai, I can hear the cacophony of DJ playing Bollywood songs in the two societies downstairs, I also wish for joy, happiness and love for all. May this New Year bring honesty, compassion and peace to the humanity.

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