To a Happier 2017

2016 was a roller-coaster ride. Professionally and personally.

It was a year of saying goodbyes to childhood home and adult working home.

It was a year of moving into our own house, moving in with parents after 15 years.

It was a year of completing 15 years of professional life. It was a year of coming to terms with uncertainty and change.

It was a year of rediscovering reading as I completed a century, by re-reading some and some discovered through recommendations.

It was a year of attempting to write again, maximum blog posts at the last count since I began writing.

It was a year of continuing my acquaintance with Indian classical music, thanks to Apple music.

So what in 2017?

More music, hopefully catching up on some live performances and discovering and adding more artists to my limited play list.

Reading more, obviously discovering new authors and catching up on the long wish list on my physical and digital shelfs.

To a healthier self, to building up stamina and rediscovering walking.

To writing, tweeting and blogging – building on my digital footprint.

And finally to finding a purpose in life. Professionally and personally.

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