Book stores back in the game again…

One famous author recently announced the print date of his new book, 4th in the series. While the book release is still some time away, the pre-orders have already opened. And it was pretty heartening to note that pre-orders started with independent book stores. For the last few years, most of the pre-orders of books by famous authors have solely been offered on Amazon. Infact, even when the books reach the stores, they are not sold before the actual release date – the choice then is that either one waits to make a trip to the bookstore post the launch or end up ordering from Amazon.

So when this announcement came, I was reminded of the days of Harry Potter craze. Those were the days of pre-Flipkart and Amazon, one browsed in physical book stores instead of online browsing. And we pre-ordered the Harry Potter books with 100% advance from the book stores. And on the day of the book release, one could see long queues outside the book stores – children and adults alike eagerly waiting to get their hands on the next one in the series, the phenomenon much before the queues of iPhone launches.

I was part of the hoopla those days, and my pre-order for this one has also been placed at my favourite book store in Delhi. Long live the indie book stores!

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